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Recommendations that help produce a solid outline that would prove really helpful in producing story essay:

Choose an interesting topic and an element of this that is actually worth addressing. For instance, your general topic could be friendship and you might specifically focus on betrayal, various types of friendship, what makes friendship last for years. If it's personal narrative outline, be sure to select appropriate personal narrative topics that interest you personally, about which you believe you have something valuable to say.
Write short -- narrative is not a novel, although a summary should be even shorter. An outline has to be useful manual that allows to quickly overview your narrative's skeleton, all content to be covered and its comparative order, to see all effects of each significant point, scenario, etc.. It could only serve such purpose if it's concise. List whatever you wish to pay -- you might even write key words below every point of the best essay writing services to designate other minor pieces of information that need coverage. Steer clear of u....

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