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The Ross's Institute of Martial Arts hosted MNAPT's 2nd annual Break-a-Thon on Thursday, October 30, 2008.  Nicole Ross, MNAPT's Secretary, and her husband Jason Ross, own and operate the Ross's Institute of Martial Arts.  Their martial arts students raised money for MNAPT in a Break-a-thon.  This break-a-thon demonstrated their focus, strength and agility in breaking boards.  Some of them broke up to 10 boards each with approximately 200 boards broke throughout the evening.  The night of the event raised approximately $700.

A special thank you to all the students for their fundraising efforts and to their feet and hands that broke all the boards.  Thank you to Foley Lumber in Foley for donating all the lumber.  Also thank you to the Ross's Institute of Martial Arts for holding this fundraising event, as well as the individuals involved in holding the boards, which looked almost as risky of a job as the board breaking.

This was a very exciting event.  Their were many children and a couple adults who participated and their names are Mike Kludt, Nick Czech, Guy Knutson, Peter Knutson, Andy Knutson, Noah Herbst, Christy Dobos, Josh Dobos, Rebecca Dobos, Nick Loomis, Catherine Tesch, Heidi Fraundehurst, Roger Fraundehurst, Haley Fraundehurst, Trent Ross, Harley Ross, and Creed Ross.
They have clearly been learning their skills of Tae Kwon Doe and their ability to break as many of the boards as they did was such a site to see.

The pictures below highlight the evenings events.

Guy K & Mike K.

Peter K. & Jason Ross

Nick C. & George C.

Haley F. & George C.

Creed R. & Jason Ross

The Group

Catherine T. & Mike K.

Heidi F. & Geoge C.

Creed R, Haley F. & harley R.

The Group

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